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Policies and Procedures

Caoches and Managers Manual

NGIN has released a new Team Page Manager's Manual that covers the new features avaialble for the coming season. If you have been put in charge of adding your team's information on this site, check it out:

Sport Ngin Coaches Manual


Game Scoring and Stats Entry

We know that we have a lot of readers who check the scores the night of the games. With all the smart phones out there, we also know that a lot of the players will be checking scores from around the state on the bus ride home from games. For these reasons, and a few others, we like to get the scores up as soon as possible after the games are completed.

Obviously, the fastest way is to score the games live using NGIN Live. This can be done on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. Next best is to use the Quick Score and enter the score right after a game. Again this can be done via notebook, tablet, or smart phone. If you don't have access, you can call or send a text and we will enter it. These options are all detailed here.

For entering game stats, we allow the home team the first 24 hours after a game to enter the data. If it hasn't been entered during that time slot, the visiting team should enter the information. We ask that you enter stats for BOTH teams. Again, that is spelled out in detail here.

Stats Corrections

We only accept requests to make changes to game scoring from team coaches or designated managers. We will not make any corrections sent in by players, parents, or fans. The stats on this site should match the official score sheets as closely as possible. The coaches and team managers are the people with access to the score sheets.

If you see inaccurate stats on the site, your first point of contact should be your team's coach or Team Page Manager. The staff at Wisconsin Prep Hockey will ignore email and phone calls with corrections that come from any other source.

Official Games and Tournaments

The game scores posted on this site will always be the score at the end of a regulation game. By WIAA rules a regulation hockey game is three periods plus one sudden-death period of up to eight minutes, if needed.

Many holiday or other in-season tournaments need to play longer to determine a winner to advance in the tournament. None of the stats generated after the initial overtime count in the official record. This is the WIAA rule, and we choose to follow those rules rather than arbitrarily making up our own.