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Hobey Baker Character Award nominations begin

12/31/2018, 4:15pm CST
By Michael Trzinski, WiPH Staff & Submitted

Deadline for nomination is February 4, 2019

December 7, 2018     

To:  Wisconsin High School Hockey Coaches

Re:  Hobey Baker High School Character Award

Dear Coach:                                                                                       

The 18/19 hockey season will be the 14th year of awarding the Hobey Baker Character Award in the state of Wisconsin.  Thank you for the great support over the past 13 years.

  • Participation rate in 2018
    • Boys 63/90 or 70% +10%
    • Girls 23/34 or 68%
  • Participation rate in 2017:
    • Boys 57/90 or 64%
    • Girls 23/34 or 68%

With your continued support we will continue to recognize great kids for their character and sportsmanship on and off the ice.  I hope you are excited to build upon the strong tradition in Wisconsin.  I’m asking for your continued support in 18/19.

The goal of the “Hobey Baker High School Character Award” is to develop, recognize, and reward exemplary character and sportsmanship demonstrated by our high school hockey players.  This high school level award is a natural extension of the prestigious Hobey Baker Memorial Award given to the nation’s top collegiate hockey player and sportsman.  (See Exhibit A)

Each varsity high school hockey head coach should follow the process outlined per Exhibit B, with each coach selecting the member of their team who best exemplifies the characteristics of sportsmanship and character represented by the Hobey Baker Memorial Award.  The program does not carry a cost but as a volunteer, non-profit organization, contributions are accepted and encouraged (Exhibit C).

We believe the extension of the Hobey Baker Memorial Award to the high school level is a tremendous way to promote a lasting positive influence on the sport of hockey at the high school level. Winners will be recognized

Thank you in advance for your assistance and efforts in making this a success.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me at


Jim Hayes
Hobey Baker Foundation



Hobey Baker Award “An Award of Excellence”                                                           Exhibit A


     The Legend of Hobey Baker

  • Hobey was the ultimate athlete of his day.  Entering Princeton University in 1910, he captained both the hockey and the football teams.  His legend lives on having been inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame and both the Canadian and American Hockey Halls of Fame.
  • Throughout his hockey career, Hobey Baker was penalized only twice.  After every game, he would visit the opposing team’s locker room to shake the hand of every single opponent.
  • Hobey Baker was the embodiment of all that was good in the game of hockey.
  • Hobey Baker is the symbol of why we love this game.  A symbol of the perfect hero.

            We may never see his like again, but Hobey Baker’s spirit lives on through the Hobey                                      Baker Memorial Award.


     What is the goal of the Hobey Baker Character Award?

  • To recognize, develop and reward exemplary character and sportsmanship in our high school hockey players.

     Why have a Hobey Baker Award for high school hockey players?

  • The Hobey Baker Foundation, in partnership with the WI High School Coaches Association, recognizes that it takes more than great hockey skills to develop great student-athletes.
  • The development and recognition of exemplary character and sportsmanship in our high school hockey players is an extremely important aspect of the student-athlete experience.
  • Many Division I hockey players come from the high school ranks.  This high school level award is a natural extension of the prestigious Hobey Baker Memorial Award.

     How are the recipients of this high school “character” award selected?

  • Deserving candidates are selected by their high school coach based on a number of factors that demonstrate “character”, including:  positive attitude, outstanding sportsmanship, excellent work ethic, unselfish team player, coachability, great role model and exemplary citizenship.

     When will the recipients of this “character” award be announced?

  • At the end of the 2018/19 high school hockey season.

     What do the recipients receive?

  • A commemorative plaque that recognizes their exemplary strength of character and sportsmanship.

Criteria for Hobey Baker High School Character Award                                     Exhibit B

     A.  This award should be presented to the player that best exemplifies the sportsmanship and character of Hobey Baker.  Integrity, coachability, selflessness, and citizenship should be considered.  This is not a “best player” (i.e., Mr. Hockey) award but a “best kid” award.

B.  The award should go to a player from the senior class.

C. Weekly reminders will be sent out to the coaches email address in January 2019. 

D.  By February 28, 2019 you will receive a plaque that should be presented after the Hobey Baker high school character video is shown at your team awards banquet.  (The video introduces the award and cues the presentation of the award.)

E.  Please retain the video for next season. 

F.  Please contact Jim Hayes at 262-388-3160 or with any questions.  

Thanks for all you do to support the great game of hockey in Wisconsin.

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