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Once again, the season begins

11/20/2018, 10:15pm CST
By Michael Trzinski, WiPH Staff

A guide for team managers and coaches

Hey there coaches, players, and fans: welcome to the 2018-19 Wisconsin high school hockey season.

Seems like the previous season just ended and we fast-forwarded through summer and fall right to winter, smack-dab into the next hockey campaign.

Since I spent my fair share of being on the golf course--working, not golfing--I guess it is time to move to the next season.

That said, I'm sure some coaches or managers have some questions on how to manage their team's page or entering stats for games played.

If you are a new coach or manager and you need admin rights for your team page, send an email to my contact listed below. I have included links to instructions for entering schedules, roster administration, and entering game stats. They can be found to the right.

Team pages are set up with basic formats, but feel free to add things like pictures, calendars, or videos. Just leave everything else as is. I can help with questions you might have.

When it comes to entering stats for games played, here is what we recommend.

Home team coaches or managers are responsible for entering game stats for games played. If the game is at a neutral site (or tournament), decide at some point who will enter stats. Some coaches or managers are very experienced and will be happy to enter the game stats.

Whoever enters stats should use the score sheet and follow the instructions for scoring games. Stats can be entered during game (some teams will score the game as it is played) or afterwards. Many teams will enter the game at night or the next morning. Our basic guideline is to enter the stats within 24 hours, and if that doesn't happen, the opposing team can enter the stats.

Use the score sheet to enter stats for BOTH teams. Once you have done the scoring a few times, it is actually pretty easy and intuitive.

That's about it for today. Again, if you have any questions about getting rights to manage your team page or anything else involved with running your page, shoot me an email.

Thanks and wishing everyone a great season!

Michael Trzinski

WiPH Editor

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