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11/13/2017, 7:45pm CST
By Bill Berg Jr, WiPH Staff

It's hard out there for a prep hockey blog

Running a high school hockey site in Wisconsin isn't the smartest or most lucrative online enterprise, but those of us at Wisconsin Prep Hockey love what we do.

Every year when the state tournament rolls around we ask for donations to cover our expenses for that trip to Madison. This year, we want to try something different. 

If you back Wisconsin Prep Hockey on Patreon on a monthly basis, we'll give you cool rewards, like saying your name and acknowledging your existence.

Head on over to our Patreon page and become a backer, or just browse the rewards, which I will reproduce here:

Right Wing ($1 per month)

  • We will send out a "Thank You" on Twitter and Facebook for your support.

Left Wing ($5 per month)

  • The above + priority access Q&A for This Week in WiPH: meaning if you send us questions for the podcast, we're much more likely to answer them.

Center ($10 per month)

  • The above + Access to vote on a backer only Top Ten list, and access to a WiPH Discord Chat server (this is a trial which may end).

Defenseman ($20 per month)

  • The above + priority nomination for Player of the Week. WiPH will still conduct the voting, but we'll give your nomination more consideration as we bicker like idiots during the voting process.

Goalie ($50 per month)

  • The above + priority nomination for Game of the Week. If you're going to give us $50 a month, your voice will carry more weight as we pick our games of the week.

Coach ($100 per month)

  • The above + we'll do our very best to cover a game of your choosing on a Saturday/Sunday. You must give us at least a two-weak lead time to plan.

You'll notice that none of those reward levels carries any extra Wisconsin Prep Hockey content. That is by design. WiPH is not going to lock any content behind the pay wall. That isn't who we are, or what we do.

In addition to those rewards, if we reach certain backer thresholds, it'll allow us to do even more stuff.

If we reach $250 a month (combined from all our backers), we'll start live-streaming our taping of This Week in Wisconsin Prep Hockey on YouTube (and potentially Facebook and Twitter), so you can watch us "talk stupid" instead of just listening to the podcast later.

If we get higher than that, we'll do even more.

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