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20 Years Of Hockey Remembered

02/12/2017, 10:30pm CST
By MJ Hammett WiPH Staff

20 years of watching, writing, and reminiscing a bit

Recently looking back at a few things I realized I have been covering the great game of hockey at the high school level for 20 years.

That's as long as i've been married.

At times it feels like just yesterday I got started. At my old radio job I was reading in the paper about the success of Beloit Memorial hockey. I thought to myself it would be fun to cover hockey. So I was able to talk my boss back then to cover a game on the radio.

And the fun began.

I was able to get my own hockey talk show on the radio and got a nice local following. Things hit a high when covering my alma mater Beloit Memorial at State in 1999. Calling the game on the radio when they beat SPASH in overtime was one of my biggest thrills ever. Things went on covering Beloit and following my current city Janesville for a few years.

Then I got the call....

It was Trasher line 1.

Actually we talked at the State tournament and within a year I was joining him, Bergler, Bill Jr. and later on Del to put together Wisconsin Prep Hockey as we know it.

So how do I put this 20 years down in this story ?

How about 20 people who made an impact in this ride ?

John Mauermann. His knowledge of the game got me started. I still learn from him at times

Chad James. Watching him grow the last 20 years as a person to what he is today has been fun.

Jerry Edwards. Broadcast my first game with him.

Bob Timmcke. My longtime broadcast partner. A lot of great memories we have.

Pete Susens. Learned a lot from working with him during webcasts at State.

Tim Ebner. Hes always optimistic and always fun to interview.

Dave Witting. He knows everyone and shares his knowledge with me.

Ryan Sarazin. What rink you wanna meet on ?

Jefferson Dahl. 2008 Player of the Year was one of my sons first idols.

Max Giese. A hot goalie can take you far. Current scout for Winnipeg Jets.

Cal Roadhouse. Great person and a great coach.

Mike Schwengler. Don't see him often but always enjoy chatting about his program.

Ross Mauermann. NCAA Champ out of Janesville and playing in Germany.

Curt Beecher. One of the best refs around.

Jeffrey Schmudlach. former Middleton player born February 29th. It explains so much.

Cole Paskus. Former Madison West Skater whos earned a D1 scholarship.
The sky is the limit for him.

Justin Hanaman. Even down 4-1 in the title game in 1999 he never quit.

Max McCormick. First NHL goal was scored on Roberto Luongo. 2010 Player of the Year.

Shayne McLaughlin. Former Abe always had time to chat. 2010 NIT team won it because of his huge championship game performance.

Well that's 19. Theres so many that could be number 20 but then I might be slighting someone. Actually many others. If you think you belong at number 20 then you probably do.

Before I finish this I wanna say thank you and Rest In Peace Jeff Sauer.
The former Badger coach was always gracious with his time. His contributions as a coach and person are unmatched.

Thanks Coach.

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