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Impact travel to connect and learn for Ryan Jeffery

02/13/2017, 4:00am CST
By Michael Trzinski, WiPH Staff & Submitted

Former Madison Memorial star making a difference in other's lives

Ryan Jeffery spent 12 days on a trip  through Spark Ventures, a nonprofit in Chicago that helps direct human and financial capital to partners around the world to provide health, education and jobs.

His group went to Hope Community School, which is in the city of Ndola, Zambia. They provide education to roughly 350 or so of the most vulnerable kids in the area. The success they have is remarkable, thanks in large part to the partnership and the help visitors provide. It was an emotionally powerful journey where harsh poverty is in stark juxtaposition to the joy and excitement the kids have to learn and make their lives better.

Jeffery said, "I'm so grateful to finally be able to see work of Hope Community School in Ndola, Zambia and the amazing partnership with Spark Ventures. The people of Zambia & Tanzania are unbelievably resilient, kind, generous, and compassionate. They were amazing hosts that received us with open arms without expectation or assumption. Feels more important than ever to be broadening our sense of community to connect, exchange and learn from those that may not look or speak like us. I'm so grateful for the experience & can't wait to go back."

To learn more, visit Spark 

Ryan Jeffery is a 2005 graduate of Madison Memorial and was named to the All-State team his last three years at Memorial. He is currently an advisor with Spark Ventures, a Chicago-based nonprofit with international partnerships that provide children in poverty with nutrition, education and healthcare.

Spark Ventures partners with grassroots organizations serving children in developing countries. They strengthen and sustain partners by providing human resources, strategic guidance and financial capital.

Together, Spark and its partners launch businesses, whose profits ensure meaningful impact for children and their communities for generations to come.

The vision of Spark Ventures is a future where all children have the opportunity and resources to achieve their potential.

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