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State Of Mind

03/09/2015, 11:30pm CDT
By MJ Hammett

Some Questions And Thoughts About State Hockey

  With The 2015 State Tourney now in the books, congratulations to all the teams that made it. I wish all players could experience it at least once in high school. The Boys champion Superior was just that over the rest of the teams there. Playing a tough non conference schedule against top end teams in Wisconsin and playing in the Lake Superior Conference out of Minnesota prepared them for their title run. Lesson learned by casual observers. Don't read into Superiors record when they get to Madison.
  On the girls side the USM Wildcats were one of the top teams all season. Once they were able to get past Bay Area, it was theirs to lose in my opinion. Hayward/Spooner did their best to stop the U School Express, but it was just their time. What they did was give us an exciting game.

   The University School boys head coaching job is open. Girls coach Jason Woods has a son coming up thru the Winter Club youth association. Are you thinking maybe a connection ? Coach Woods really didn't talk much about it . But was quick to make sure his squad was not distracted by it either. Stay Tuned.

  A job not as glamorous but would be a challenge is the coaching opening in Madison for the Eastside Lakers. After watching them this year I think its time for a coach who can get some direction and accountability from players. In short a coach that kids would wanna play for and maybe not fear but respect.

  One thing I am not a fan of at State is after the Champion is crowned. The WIAA has an exclusive photographer to take the postgame pictures such as team picture and individual ones. In my opinion I feel that parents shall be allowed down to take pictures. The parents are the ones who foot the bill for their son or daughter to play for many years.  Allow them to share in the moment. Don't like your pictures you can order them from the photographer.

  Our neighbor to the West had a sellout at their tournament. While in some ways Wisconsin is closing the gap on Minnesota on the ice, we are still lagging in spectators at State. So how do you boost attendance ? two divisions ?  Make a big production of it ? Different venue ? Ok the last one isn't happening. I'm open to ideas and so should the WIAA to boost attendance.

  Kinda disappointed FSN Wisconsin didn't carry the games. The live stream production from NFHS  you can watch it..... for a price.

  The offseason is officially here for most of us. We at WiPH are always open to ideas to bring our followers more of what they like. Reach us at   Those players who come back next season a lot of what you do in the offseason can pay dividends next season.

Just a suggestion.

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