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A Snowy Monday Night Without Hockey

02/17/2014, 8:15pm CST
By MJ Hammett

A Few Thoughts About The World Of Hockey.

  Well it"s Monday Night. The playoffs start tomorrow for the boys, and girls get going late in the week. Time to share a thought....or two.

   Sun Prairie on Saturday Night honored longtime High School coach Steve Hanrahan for 27 years of coaching. Steve's squads won numerous Big Eight titles and State appearances, including winning it all in 1997. Great to see him honored. Always enjoyed working with him on stuff.

The Olympics hockey.
I got up early Saturday to catch the game between the USA and Russia.  Although nothing will compare to the 1980 game they played, this one was a dandy. Russia had the tiebreaking goal waved off in the third period. We had Patrick Kane denied on a breakaway in OT. Still 65 minutes decided nothing. So on to the shootout. Ilya Kovalchuk has owned Jonathan Quick in shootouts. And he put it on display in the shootout. But the US had the secret weapon in none other than TJ Oshie. I bet if the late Herb Brooks was alive he would have told Oshie "Again". 
Its Been A Long Season
A number of teams this year went thru tough times. You know those teams who everyone looks forward to playing for the easy win. I just wanna say congrats to the guys who stuck it out all season. You get one chance at a High School career. It may not have worked out like you wanted, but in life you will learn sometimes its the journey that makes you a better person. You coulda took your equipment and went home but you stayed the course and in that I say thats better than what the scoreboard says.

The Hobey watch

The Hobey Baker award that is given out to the best player in college hockey has fan balloting still going on. Janesville's Ross Mauermann is sixth in the balloting. Is there better players than him in D1 ?? Yeah sure. But for a guy who many thought was too small is getting the respect. At last check he had over 4000 votes. Not bad for one of the most humble guys I know

Sun Prairie's New Rink.
 I got to take in the Janesville and Sun Prairie game last Saturday. The $7 million dollar plus facility is not completely finished. There's a few minor things still left to do, but from what I saw it is amazing that a community like Sun Prairie  can get the backing of the people to put this great facility together. This is a very nice facility, and look forward to doing alot more games from there. As a guy from Janesville, when we tried to get a project similar to this here around 2009, it was like pulling teeth. They settled for a $2 million renovation that still is too small, has sight line flaws and alot of demand for ice by user groups. Sun Prairie, great job on your new rink. I give it high marks. 

   Madison Or Bust.
I finally watched No Sleep till Madison this past summer. While being a low budget movie I kinda liked it. Funny thing about it is they never make it to the State Tournament. Watch it and see what I mean.

Speaking of the Tournament, I see the WAHA State Tournaments are being held during the WIAA Tourney. Squirts, Bantams and Girls U10 and U14 start that Saturday. My PERSONAL opinion is this is the future of hockey. I think it should be a week behind, but like I said just my opinion. And there is a theory on opinions.....

Enjoy the Tournament



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