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Player Spotlight: Rowan White, 12th grade, Madison Edgewood

By Matt Carey, Contributor, 02/28/24, 11:15AM CST


Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Matt Carey and do not reflect the opinions of Wisconsin Prep Hockey or its partners.

The definition of reliable is consistently good in quality of performance; able to be trusted. Rowan White has been the definition of reliability during his three years as the starting goalie for Madison Edgewood.

Rowan has a long list of awards. This year he is a finalist for the Kirk Daubenspeck award as the state’s best goalie in WIAA D-1, and in the past, he has been named all-conference, all-state, MVP, selected for USA Hockey national camps, and Team Wisconsin, to name just a few of his accomplishments.

During the interview to talk about his hockey accomplishments, Rowan shared a story about a little boy named Alfie that battled cancer. Rowan met Alfie through a student group at Edgewood volunteering to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Rowan wanted to give a shout out to Alfie, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and his student group at Edgewood raising money to help people fight cancer.

What truly defines a person is his character. Rowan White is a high character young man!

“Rowan has been the starting goalie at Edgewood for three seasons. In that time, he helped the team win three conference championships and make it to three sectional finals-winning two and advancing to a state championship. Rowan’s numbers & awards speak for themselves, however his contribution to our team and program goes beyond numbers. He was an assistant captain as a junior and this year is our captain. While this is not typical for goalies, his work ethic and competitive level in practices and games allows him to lead from his position. Rowan is always one of the first guys on ice at practice to put extra work in and is an elite competitor. We wouldn’t trade him for anyone, and it has been a pleasure to coach him for the last three seasons.” Pete Rothering, Head Coach, Madison Edgewood

“Rowan puts in the time. He has taken the next step to take care of his body and knows all aspects of lifestyle go into success on ice. He is one of the best kid’s I’ve coached because he wants to get better and wants to understand what it takes to be the best goalie, friend, teammate, and he is willing to adapt, adjust and work for that.” Shane Connelly, Goalie Coach, USHL Madison Capitols

Let’s meet Rowan White!

When did you start playing hockey? 3

Where did you play youth hockey? Mites in McFarland, then Madison Patriots for first year squirts, then Madison Capitols.

What age did you start playing goalie? At mites I was obsessed with playing goalie, and then at squirts 100% goalie.

What motivated you to be a goalie? When I went to Badgers games and watched Joel Rumpel.

What is your favorite youth hockey memory? First year of squirts going to the state tournament with Madison Patriots.

You represented Wisconsin in the MN HP NIT and in the Elite League…how were those experiences? They were awesome. NIT was a lot of fun meeting new teammates and the competition was really good. Playing against Minnesota Seniors was super fun. Elite League was a blast, and some of the most competitive hockey I’ve played. It was loaded with scouts. It felt good playing in front of NHL scouts.

Did anyone in your family play hockey? My cousin played hockey.

What is your pregame ritual? Get to the rink early. If it’s a home game I roll out, stretch, and hop on the bike. I grab my glove and throw a ball against a wall to work on tracking. Eat a fruit bar and Gatorade. Team meeting. Team warmup. Pregame prayer.

What skill or attribute makes you a good goalie? I communicate with my teammates on ice to give a heads-up on situations. My puck play has improved a lot.

Is there an NHL goalie you model your game after? Sergei Bobrovsky. He is like a cat ready to pounce on the puck.

Who is the most influential person in your life? My mom. She has influenced me on who I have become and my attitude.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you want to meet? Martin Brodeur

What is the plan for hockey after HS? I want to play juniors. I could play NAHL, or I was drafted in NCDC.

What is your dream college to play for? Wisconsin. I like the campus and have been in the locker room and it was awesome!

What do you want to do for your career? I want to go into wealth management. I am a people person, and I am very interested in the stock market.

Do you play any other sports? Lacrosse. It’s kind of like hockey but I don’t play goalie.

What do you enjoy doing in addition to sports? Reading about the stock market. Fishing and hiking outdoors. I really like wake surfing.

What is your favorite food? Cheese curds. Not the fried ones.

What is your favorite music group or type of music? I listen to everything. I really like older music like the Beach Boys.

Where is your dream vacation? Middle of the wilderness, in a luxurious cabin on a lake, with lots of wildlife.

Chocolate cake, brownie, or apple pie? Apple Pie.

Pickup truck or sports car? Sports car. Porsche.

Final thoughts? I want to thank all my coaches from mites until now. I also want to thank my parents for all the endless driving, money, and commitment. My Edgewood coaches have influenced me as a person, and I am thankful for them. My teachers at Edgewood have been a positive influence on me also.


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