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Player Spotlight: Drew Bowe, Mason Johnson, Jackson Hoem. Chippewa Falls Triple Threat

By Matt Carey, Contributor, 02/27/24, 3:00PM CST


Disclaimer: All opinions expressed in this article are solely those of Matt Carey and do not reflect the opinions of Wisconsin Prep Hockey or its partners.

The Chippewa Falls top line of Drew Bowe 11th grade, Jackson Hoem 12th grade, and Mason Johnson 12th grade, has a whopping 155 points as they enter the Saturday, March 2, 2024, WIAA D-1 semifinal game against Brookfield. With half the Cardinals offensive production coming from these three players, they were instrumental in leading Chippewa Falls to an undefeated Big Rivers Conference title, 17 straight wins, no losses in 2024 and no goals allowed in playoffs.

With lightning speed that can give opponents wind burn, and precision that would make an engineer at Ferrari envious, the Chippewa Falls Triple Threat work together like a finely tuned machine. After playing together most of their lives, they instinctively know each other’s next move.

“All three possess a tremendous amount of skill and complement each other at both ends of the rink. When all three are engaged and competing they are dominant. Their ability to control the game is a direct reflection of their willingness to work hard in the hard areas. It is a rarity to have three gifted players that are willing to leave their ego at the door and physically wear teams out with their speed, physicality, and skill set. Mason and Jackson have serious motors. They can defend, exit, and hunt pucks as well as I have seen at this level. Their ability to stay over pucks and win puck battles has provided them with most of their points. Drew’s vision, hockey sense and ability to possess the puck to the next play is superb. Drew’s hockey IQ allows him to be used offensively and defensively in special teams. Most importantly, all three of these young men are responsible, respectful, and hard working. They are going to be successful in whatever path they take.” Bob Thorp, coach, Chippewa Falls

When did you start playing hockey? Bowe: 3. Hoem: 3 or 4. Johnson: 3 or 4.

Where did you play youth hockey? Bowe, Hoem, Johnson: Chippewa Falls.

How many years have you played together? Hoem: Mason and I played every year since squirts, and Drew played with us every other year because he is a year younger.

What is your favorite youth hockey memory? Bowe: Bantam year the hotel stays, knee hockey in hallways. It’s the same group from bantams playing together this season in high school.

Hoem: Bantam state tournament in Chippewa and we finished 3rd.

Johnson: In peewee messing around with a stickhandling puck, and someone accidentally shot it through a window.

You played last spring in the MN HP NIT…how was that experience?

Hoem: It was fun playing with a lot of different guys from all over Wisconsin.

Johnson: It was fun to play with guys from around the state, and it was fun to play against high competition from other states. It was a good way to get exposure to scouts.

You played this fall in the Elite League…how was that experience?

Bowe: I was injured and didn’t play.

Hoem: Really fun, high level of skill and competitive.

Johnson: It was a wakeup call because the top end talent in Minnesota is so good.

What is your pregame ritual? Johnson: Get to the rink early. Get physically & mentally ready. Tape stick with linemates.

Bowe: Tape my stick at the same time. Be a good teammate and enjoy the process.

Hoem: Get some food, get to rink early, tape stick and stickhandle.

What hockey skill do you have that separates you from the competition?

Bowe: Good vision, I can see plays before they happen & make plays based off that.

Hoem: My compete and drive and willing to play a 200 ft game.

Johnson: How I see the ice helps me pass and see lanes. My vision.

Is there an NHL player you model your game after?

Bowe: Sydney Crosby because of his work ethic and Auston Matthews because of his shot and ability to score goals.

Hoem: Cole Caufield. Johnson: Nikita Kucherov.

Who is the most influential person in your life? Hoem: My dad for all the support.

Bowe: My mom, she is always supporting me.

Johnson: My dad. He holds me accountable and makes me a better man every day.

If you could meet any historical figure, who would you want to meet?

Bowe: George Washington. Hoem: God. Johnson: Alex Ovechkin.

What is the plan for hockey after HS? Hoem: Play juniors.

Bowe: I plan to play juniors in NAHLor USHL and hopefully play D-1.

Johnson: Play as long as I can. Hopefully play juniors.

What is your dream college to play for?

Bowe: Minnesota State or Wisconsin. Hoem: Wisconsin. Johnson: Wisconsin.

What do you want to do for your career? Bowe: A realtor.

Hoem: Something in business.

Johnson: I am totally undecided. Something where I am active.

Do you play any other sports? Hoem: I play golf and used to play baseball.

Bowe: I grew up playing baseball and football but now just focus on hockey.

Johnson: I played football and baseball until high school.

What do you enjoy doing in addition to sports? Hoem: Bike riding and workout.

Bowe: I like to golf, snow ski and tubing on the lake.

Johnson: Spending time with friends and family. Summer at the cabin. Mountain biking and dirt biking.

What is your favorite food? Bowe: I am a big Chicken guy.

Hoem: Chicken Alfredo.

Johnson: Fettucine Alfredo.

What is your favorite music group or type of music?

Bowe: Rap. Drake. Hoem: Rap and pop.

Johnson: I like different types of music. Motley Crue gets me going.

Where is your dream vacation?

Bowe: Probably Dubai. Hoem: Hawaii or Mexico.

Johnson: Somewhere warm, maybe Mexico. Fun on the beach with family & friends.

Chocolate cake, brownie, or apple pie?

Bowe: Brownie with whipped cream. Hoem: Brownie. Johnson: Chocolate cake.

Pickup truck or sports car?

Bowe: New Corvette. Hoem: Corvette. Johnson: Porsche 911.

Final thoughts? Bowe: Big thanks to family, coaches and everyone that has helped me through this journey of hockey.

Hoem: I want to thank my parents and coaches for giving me great opportunities.

Johnson: I want to thank all my family and friends, and my parents for the unconditional support.


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