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Superior’s Kalin walks away

By Jamey Malcomb, Duluth News Tribune, 03/09/22, 7:45AM CST


The Spartans won three Wisconsin state championships and appeared in the title game seven times during Kalin’s 21-year stint as head coach.

Traditionally, the day before games, the Superior boys hockey team plays a game called “World League” that involves both coaches and players.

The game is a free-for-all hockey game where the first team to get three goals wins and one of the fiercest players on the ice is 47-year-old head coach Jason Kalin.

“There’s virtually no rules and he’s probably the most competitive guy out there,” senior Kell Piggott said. “He loves the game even though he hasn’t been in high school for a while.”

Piggott said he was “pretty shocked” when Kalin informed the team that he was stepping down as head coach after 21 years guiding the Spartans.

“He loves this program so much,” Piggott said. “He’s a guy who’s really sacrificed a lot of time and effort to really make us a dynasty in the state of Wisconsin and he’s an awesome guy who loves his players.”

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