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Team Wisconsin Girls: Tier 1 State Preview

By Breanna Seibel, WiPH Contributor, 03/05/19, 6:30PM CST


TW Girls head to Fond du Lac to compete for Tier 1 state title

The Team Wisconsin girls proved to have quite the successful season while playing for their hometown high school hockey teams. The teams are looking to bring that success into the Tier 1 state tournament this weekend held in Fond du Lac, WI.

Just to give you an idea of the success the girls had this season, here are the TW girls that received honors last week at the WIAA girls state hockey tournament:

Ms. Hockey: Charlotte Akervik (TW U19)

Ms. Hockey Finalists (3 out of 5 from TW): Charlotte Akervik (TW U19), Alyssa Heim (TW U19), Lauryn Hull (TW U19)

All State 1st Team Forwards (5 out of 6 from TW): Annika Horman (TW U19), Alyssa Heim (TW U19), Ava Kison (TW U19), Maddy Jablonski (TW U16), Hadley Malcolmson (TW U19)

All State 1st Team Defense (Team Wisconsin Sweep with 4 out of 4): Charlotte Akervik (TW U19), Lauren Donnellan (TW U19), Drew Deanovich (TW U19), Anna Albrightson (TW U19)

All State 1st Team Goaltender (1 out of 2 from TW): Pistol Cowden (TW U19)

All State 2nd Team Forwards (3 out of 6 from TW): Eden Gruber (TW U16), Lauryn Hull (TW U19), Makenzie Weeks (TW U14)

All State 2nd Team Defense (3 out of 4 from TW): Eve Lundin (TW U19), Tori Nelson (TW U19), Lucy Drougas (TW U16)

All State Honorable Mention Forwards: Sidney Polzin (TW U16), Hattie Verstegen (TW U19), Kiya Bronston (TW U16)

All State Honorable Mention Goaltenders: Abby Okon (TW U16), Haley Frank (TW U19)

State Tournament Co- MVPs: Tori Nelson (TW U19) & Maddy Jablonski (TW U16)

All Tournament 1st Team: Maddy Jablonski (TW U19), McKayla Zilisch (TW U14), Tori Nelson (TW U19)

All Tournament 2nd Team: Annika Horman (TW U19), Lauryn Hull (TW U19), Leah Parker (TW U16)

Jinelle Siergiej Award (Best Forward) Finalists: Maddy Jablonski (TW U16), Hadley Malcolmson (TW U19)

Jinelle Siergiej Award (Best Forward) Winner: Maddy Jablonski (TW U16)

Molly Engstrom Award (Best Defense) Finalists: Charlotte Akervik (TW U19), Anna Albrightson (TW U19), Drew Deanovich (TW U19), Lauren Donnellan (TWU19)

Molly Engstrom Award (Best Defense) Winner: Charlotte Akervik (TW U19)

Jessie Vetter Award (Best Goaltender) Finalist: Pistol Cowden (TW U19)

Six out of Top Ten Scoring in WIAA HS Season PPG:

  1. Hadley Malcolmson (2.75 PPG – TW U19)
  2. Maddy Jablonski (2.48 PPG – TW U16)
  3. Makenzie Weeks (2.47 PPG – TW U14)
  4. Annika Horman (2.26 PPG – TW U19)
  5. Alyssa Heim (1.87 PPG – TW U19)
  6. Lauryn Hull (1.83 PPG – TW U19)

Team Wisconsin Girls State Preview:

Team WI girls U14s

Game Schedule: 

3/8 at 10:15pm versus Milwaukee Jr. Admirals 

TW U14s played the Jr. Ads on September 28th and won 8-1 and beat them twice on October 6th 6-0 and 7-0.

3/10 at 10:15pm versus Madison Capitols

In prior meetings, the TW U14s played the Madison Capitols on September 29th and won 6-2.

TW U14s ended their fall season with a 17-14-2 record and are currently ranked 13th in the nation.

Team Wisconsin U14s are lead by Madison Anderson (1.09 PPG), Makenzie Weeks (0.89 PPG), McKayla Zilisch (0.85 PPG), Jackson Kinsler (0.84 PPG) and Kaya Pelton-Byce (0.81 PPG).

The U14s have a solid core group of players with six of them having over 20 points and nine having points in the double digits.  

The U14s have seven returning girls that were on the top-ranked team in the 2017-2018 season that earned a bid to Nationals.

Team Wisconsin U14s are coached by John Byce and assisted by Krystal Strassman and David Kinsler.

Team WI girls U16s

Game Schedule: 

3/8 at 12:15pm versus Madison Capitols 

TW U16s have not played the Madison Capitols yet this year. 

3/9 at 12:15pm versus Milwaukee Jr. Admirals  @ Fond Du Lac Blueline

In prior meetings, TW U16s played the Jr. Ads twice on October 6th. TW won the first game 4-1 and lost the second game 4-1.

TW U16s ended their fall season at the Two Nations tournament in Detroit going 3-2 (winning their last three). TW defeated Kimberly Academy (British Colombia, Canada) 4-0, Anchorage North Stars (Anchorage, AK) 6-0 and the Flamborough Flames (Ontario, Canada). 

Team Wisconsin U16s are lead by Eden Gruber (1.08 PPG) and Maddy Jablonski (1.20 PPG). Team Wisconsin U16s have six players with double-digit points in their fall season.

Team Wisconsin U16s are coached by Mike Sullivan and assisted by Jeff Jablonski. 

Team WI girls U19s

Game Schedule: 

3/9 at 2:15pm versus Madison Capitols

In the prior meetings, TW and the Caps played twice.  TW lost to the Caps 2-1 back on November 3rd and tied them Caps tied them 0-0. TW was missing two of their top forwards, in this meeting (Jenna Ruiz & Hadley Malcomson). Ruiz is 1st on TW 19s for PPG, Malcolmson is 3rd on TW 19s for PPG. 

3/10 at 2:15pm versus Milwaukee Jr. Admirals

In prior meetings, TW and the Jr. Ads played twice. TW lost their first game to the Jr. Ads 3-1 and beat them later that day 4-1. In prior meetings, TW and the Jr. Ads played twice. TW lost their first game to the Jr. Ads 3-1 and beat them later that day 4-1. Again, TW was missing top point getter, Hadley Malcolmson. 

TW U19s showed promise in their last tournament of the fall. They competed in the Two Nations Tournament in Detroit and went 3-2 (winning their last three) against top teams in the nation. TW beat Meijer U19 (Detroit,MI) 3-2, Dallas Stars U19 (Dallas, TX) 3-2 and the New Jersey Colonials U19 4-3. 

Two years ago, this group of girls won Tier 1 State and defeated Chicago Mission in the Central District Championship to earn themselves a spot at Nationals.   

Team Wisconsin U19s are lead by Jenna Ruiz (0.65 PPG), Ava Kison (0.62 PPG) and Hadley Malcomson (0.58 PPG). The U19s have six players with over 10 points in their fall season. Team Wisconsin U19s are coached by Dave Witting and assisted by Breanna Seibel. 

All Team Wisconsin teams are competing to win the Tier 1 state tournament and go on to play for the Central District title next weekend in St. Louis MO.

Winning Central District means they earn a bid to the National Tournament in April in Irvine, California. 

Team Wisconsin tryout information, full statistics and game schedule are online at